Whipp & Bourne

U.S. Switchgear specializes in Whipp & Bourne reclosers and controls. Whether you need a new recloser from the factory, a new surplus or a remanufactured Whipp & Bourne, call U.S. Switchgear for fast service in America.

Whipp & Bourne reclosers

New Reclosers

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Whipp & Bourne Controls

Whether you are planning to buy one recloser for a radial application, have an immediate Whipp & Bourne recloser need, or are planning a large recloser purchase, U.S. Switchgear can assist with all your U.S. Whipp & Bourne needs. 

  • Purchase new factory Whipp & Bourne reclosers from U.S. Switchgear and receive full U.S. sales and support. Whether it be installation and commissioning or post purchase product support, U.S. Switchgear can accommodate your every Whipp & Bourne need.
  • If you have a Whipp & Bourne recloser or control down, U.S. Switchgear can assist in supplying you with an immediate new surplus or remanufactured Whipp & Bourne recloser.
  • Regardless of what your Whipp & Bourne needs are, U.S. Switchgear can accommodate in all your Whipp & Bourne sales & service

Whipp & Bourne reclosers

Whipp & Bourne Recloser & Control Components and Accessories

Power Supply Boards

A/C Supply Connectors

Capacitor Charging Boards

A/C Supply Boards

A/C Control Assembly

CVT Modules

Recloser Umbilical Cable

Interface Module Parts

Internal CT's

Animal Guards

Terminal Connectors

351P Relays

Whatever your Whipp & Bourne parts, spares, components or accessory needs are, U.S. Switchgear can assist with immediate availability.

We carry a complete line of all Whipp & Bourne products.

Whipp & Bourne reclosers

When you are in need of Whipp & Bourne recloser and control repairs or servicing, U.S. Switchgear can assist in every aspect. Whether you are in need of a single recloser or control repair, help with troubleshooting a GVR or are in need of the complete remanufacturing of your Whipp & Bourne reclosers, call U.S. Switchgear for immediate and efficient service.