About Us

U.S. Switchgear has been in business nearly 40 years and has extensive experience and knowledge in switchgear and controls of all brands and vintages. We specialize in new & remanufactured and current & obsolete electrical equipment.

About US Switchgear


U.S. Switchgear was instrumental in assisting Pittsburgh steel mills in the 1980’s recovery millions of dollars in obsolete switchgear.


After a massive earthquake devastated Mexico City in 1985, U.S. Switchgear stepped in and helped rebuild the electrical infrastructure.


In the frigid winter temperatures in northern Minnesota, U.S. Switchgear assisted utilities repair their recloser infrastructure to cope with below zero weather.

About US Switchgear


Utilities in East Texas need old and obsolete switchgear and reclosers updated. U.S, Switchgear was asked to assist. Our expertise was instrumental in the updates.


In the 1960’s and early 70’s NASA used 2 vanguard ships to track the Apollos in the Southern and Northern hemispheres. U.S. Switchgear assisted NASA in recovering assets from the vessel’s switchgear before being dismantled.


When Howard Hughes’ old corporate headquarters was demolished, U’S. Switchgear was asked to assist in liquidating all the obsolete switchgear in the facility.

About US Switchgear


After Katrina destroyed Southeastern Louisiana, U.S. Switchgear was on site within days assisting in electrical repairs with reclosers and switchgear and in supplying new and obsolete units in order to restore power.


Many areas of Houston’s electrical switchgear infrastructure was obsolete and in need of updates. U.S. Switchgear was one of the primary entities assisting in the renovations.


When Panama needed serious utility updates with their electrical distribution and protection systems, U.S. Switchgear assisted in upgrading the countries electrical infrastructure.